Clothing the Pandemic

A Virtual Exhibition of COVID-19 Face Masks from Around the World

CREDITS December 2021-2022

Project funded by ICOM SAREC, Call for Project Solidarity 2021, and ICOM Costume.

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Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset, Chair of the international Committee ICOM for the museums and collections of Costume, Fashion and Textiles (ICOM Costume), Research Associate in History and International Relations, Cultural Management Department, Palace of Versailles

In collaboration with

The International Committee ICOM for Conservation (ICOM CC), International Committee for the museums and collections of Ethnography (ICME) and the National Committee ICOM Canada


Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset, ICOM Costume Committee Chair

Dr. Alexandra Palmer, Nora E. Vaughan Senior Curator, Global Fashion & Textiles (Europe & North America), Royal Ontario Museum 

Dr. Sarah Fee, Senior Curator, Global Fashion & Textiles (Asia & Africa), Royal Ontario Museum 

Dr. Fahmida Suleman, Curator, Islamic World, Royal Ontario Museum


Romane Jamet Roudenko-Bertin, Department of Cultural Development intern, Palace of Versailles

Julia Brucculieri, Department of Art & Culture intern, Royal Ontario Museum

Collaborating Institutions

Asian Civilisations Museum

Jackie Yoong, Senior Curator, Fashion & Textiles
Weiqin Chay, Curatorial Research Assistant, Fashion & Textiles

The British Museum

Dr. Julie Anderson, Curator, Sudan & Nubia
Dr. Zeina Klink-Hoppe, Phyllis Bishop Curator for the Modern Middle East

Budapest History Museum / Kiscell Museum

Dr. Judit Anna Szatmári, Curator, Textile Collection

Centraal Museum

Ninke Bloemberg, Fashion Curator
Frederik Markusse, Image Department


Aude Fanlo, Head of Research & Teaching Department
Juliette Baud, Administrative Coordinator of the Scientific & Research Department
Emilie Girard, Director of the Scientific & Research Department & Director of Collections

Musée Théodore Monod d’art africain IFAN

Mohamadou Moustapha Dieye, Archaeologist,
Heritage Manager & Specialist in African Textiles

Museo Kordilyera

Dr. Analyn Salvador-Amores, Director
Kinsha Glori, Research Assistant

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Teresa Bastardes, Head of Collections
Rossend Casanova, Curator of Product Design
Laia Callejà Galera, Registrar

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Dr. Valerie Steele, Director & Chief Curator
Melissa Marra-Alvarez, Curator of Education & Research

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Stephanie Gibson, Curator New Zealand Histories & Cultures
Claire Regnault, Senior Curator New Zealand Histories & Cultures

National Museums Scotland

Georgina Ripley, Principal Curator, Modern & Contemporary Design
Sarah Rothwell, Curator, Modern & Contemporary Design
Dr. Alison Clark, Senior Curator, Oceania & the Americas

The Rose Textile and Fashion Archive

Tal Granovsky-Amit, Archive Director & Curator

Royal Ontario Museum

Dr. Alexandra Palmer, Nora E. Vaughan Senior Curator, Global Fashion & Textiles (Europe & North America)
Dr. Sarah Fee, Senior Curator, Global Fashion & Textiles (Asia & Africa)

Dr. Fahmida Suleman, Curator, Islamic World

Victoria & Albert Museum

Dr. Mariam Rosser-Owen, Curator, Middle East
Corinna Gardner, Senior Curator of Design and Digital
Donata Miller, Assistant Curator, AAPD, Africa & Diaspora

Westminster Menswear Archive

Andrew Groves, Director
Dr. Danielle Sprecher, Menswear Curator


Agence SISSO:

Alexandra Vinant, Project leader 

Gabrielle Lebellec, Artistic director

Solene Caffarena, Graphic designer 

Pierre Eveno, Developer


ICOM secretariat and ICOM international staff members, Alberto Garlandini; Peter Keller; Florian Courty; Laetitia Conort; SAREC members, Emma Nardi and Fernando Avakian; ICOM Costume Committee board of officers and ICOM Costume members for their constant support.

Special thanks to Elka Weinstein, Vice President of ICOM Canada, and Sascha Priewe, Director, ICOM Canada and Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, Royal Ontario Museum, for their support on this project. 

Chairs of International ICOM Committees ICOM, Ralf Čeplak (ICME); Kate Seymour (ICOM CC), who supported the idea since its very early beginning.

Staff and Collaborators of the Royal Ontario Museum: Catherine Addai, Stephanie Allen, Diyala Al-Mandil, Nathalie Bertin, Kendra Campbell, Randy Dreager, Paul Eekhoff, Atsushi Futatsuya, Anne Marie Guchardi, Leenika Jacob, Jaya Jaitly, Alnasir Jamal, Naureen Iqbal Karachiwalla, Sanjeet Kaur, Taalrumiq/Christina King, Riley Kucheran, Kristiina Lahde, Karla Livingston, Lynne Milgram, Leila Moslemi-Mehni, Cheryl Nairn, Chris Paulocik, Patrice Perillie, Dominique Picouet, Piali Roy, Yazdan Saadi, Francesco Shank, Lisa Shepherd, Mala Sinha, Beatriz ‘Patis’ Pamintuan Tesoro, Alexis Venerus, Nicola Woods

Volker Hermes

Nadia Albertini, Efrat Assaf-Shapira, Cécile Box, Helen Bieri-Thomson, Brendan Cormier, Ana Debenedetti,  Julia Guillon, Volker Hermes, Joanna Kramarczyk, Dominic Low, Serena Newmark, Catherine Pégard, Vicky Salias, Trudy Tan. 

All those involved with this exhibition.


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