Clothing the Pandemic

A Virtual Exhibition of COVID-19 Face Masks from Around the World

Stay away, braces edition mask

The practise of Icelandic artist Ýrúrarí practise marries traditional craft skills with sustainable production and recycling. Though mask wearing was not mandatory in Iceland, Ýrúrarí was influenced by the global requirement to wear them. Her Pandemic masks feature exaggerated mouths and protruding tongues, creating a whimsical and wry take on the human and social interaction we are missing out on by wearing masks. By designing a ‘monstrous’ form it is intended to ensure social distancing but also encourage conversation.

Ýrúrarí, Iceland

December 2020

Designed in Reykjavik, Iceland

Made in Reykjavik, Iceland

Knitted British wool, Icelandic wool, merino wool, paper yarn and elastic

National Museums Scotland


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