Clothing the Pandemic

A Virtual Exhibition of COVID-19 Face Masks from Around the World

Crime Minister mask

The CRIME MINISTER mask is part of an entire CRIME MINISTER campaign conducted against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel through 2018-2021. During the Corona pandemic, thousands of protesters demonstrated at dozens of junctions and highways across the country demanding his resignation due to him being tried for alleged corruption, and accused by critics of subverting democracy by attacking the justice system, law enforcement, and the media. This mask was donated to the archive by Rothman Garji family.

Vered Reshef Gozlan for 'Hoze Hadash' ('New contract') – 'Crime minister', a non-profit organization (NPO), Israel


Designed in Israel

Made in Israel

Silkscreen print on 100% cotton fabric

Rose Fashion and Textile Archive, Shenkar, Israel


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