Habiller la pandémie

Une exposition virtuelle de masques de protection faciale Covid-19 du monde entier

Butterfly People mask

Butterflies around the floral mask symbolise the symbiotic relationship between Indian designer Rahul Mishra and the kaarigars (artisans) he employs. In his Paris Couture Week collection “Butterfly People,” he created more elaborate designs to keep artisans employed amidst India’s severe unemployment. Leveraging on the lockdown, he asked the kaarigars to reverse migrate from cities to villages where they could work while being with families. His socially-inclusive business incorporates traditional heritage and couture as a solution to sustainable craft.

Rahul Mishra, India


Designed in New Delhi, India

Made in India

Silk, wire; hand-embroidered and assembled

Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore


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