Habiller la pandémie

Une exposition virtuelle de masques de protection faciale Covid-19 du monde entier

Masks from Uzbekistan

Dilyara Kaipova’s works are rooted in centuries-old textile traditions of Uzbekistan and challenge conventional views about Central Asian culture and identity. She worked with a specialized embroiderer in the Samarkand region to make the pink mask with stylized motifs of a yellow tulip and purple teapot – symbols that represent Spring, love and hospitality. Her striking electric blue and golden yellow mask with hints of burgundy is made from handwoven ikat-tie resist dyed cotton produced by a specialized weaver in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley.

Dilyara Kaipova, Uzbekistan


Designed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Made in Urgut, Samarkand region; Margilan, Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan

Hand-embroidered cotton and handwoven ikat-tie resist dyed cotton

Royal Ontario Museum
2021.48.4 (pink mask); Gift of Sapar Contemporary
2021.48.3 (ikat mask), Gift of Sapar Contemporary



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