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Ishkoday in Honey aMASK

To celebrate the 100th year of Freed & Freed, Marissa Freed partnered with Destiny Seymour of Indigo Arrows, an Anishinaabe interior design company that uses their designs as “a teaching tool” to think about Indigenous history. The Ishkoday means flint rock in Anishinaabemow, and the arrows represent the triangular shape of the rock and signify the element of fire. 100% of profits go to The Butterfly Club, to encourage Indigenous cultural reclamation, environmental stewardship and community for Indigenous and Two-Spirit girls 9-13.

Indigo Arrows x FREED, Destiny Seymour (of Indigo Arrows), Canada

3 December 2020

Designed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Recycled cotton 92%, spandex 8% (called cotton-modal) heat transfer print

Royal Ontario Museum



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