Clothing the Pandemic

A Virtual Exhibition of COVID-19 Face Masks from Around the World

R3 Signs of the Now

This facemask of Ugandan barkcloth from the Ficus Natalensis tree lined with black cotton fabric, was designed as part of the “Signs Of The Now’” collection created by José Hendo in direct response to current environmental issues of climate change, landfill space, deforestation, ocean pollution and fast fashion. Surface decoration includes the triangular logo of the artist’s campaign to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse (R3) represented by top stitching, dyed barkcloth appliqué and attached decoration of painted bamboo.

José Hendo, England


Designed in London, England

Made in London, England

Ugandan barkcloth decorated with cotton stitching, applique and bamboo ornament, lined with cotton

National Museums Scotland


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